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Richard-Grunke-Gold-Violin Bow
제조사Richard Grunke & Sohne GmbH
판매가격 원 
포인트 P
카카오톡 밴드 트위터 페이스북
기본정보독일의 Master bow 제작가문, 보증서

Richard Grünke - Bow - Germany

독일의 유명한 악기및 활 제작 도시인 Bubenreuth 부근의 Langensendelbach 에서
아버지인 Richard Grünke 와 2명의 아들이 ( Klaus Grünke & Thomas Grünke ) 함께 활을 제작하며
우수한 품질의 전공자와 전문 연주자용 활을 제작하고 있습니다.

Grünke - Gold - Violin - Bow ( Round Stick )


  Richard Grünke,
  born in Poland in 1930, ended up in the upper Vogtland
  in 1944 during the turmoil at the end of WWII.
  He began his apprenticeship as a bow maker in 1945
  with Edwin Herrmann in Schönlind, then completed
  it in the H.R. Pfretzschner workshop in Markneukirchen between
  1946 and 1948. He remained in this workshop until 1950,
  when he went to Berlin to work for Alfred Leicht.
  These years in Berlin were to augment the training
  he had received in the H.R. Pfretzschner workshop
and had an important effect on his later working career.
In 1952 he moved to Bubenreuth an joined the Roderich Paesold workshop.
After completing his master`s examination in 1957,
the Peasold firm began generally stamping his bows with Richard Grünke.
The silver mounted frogs received an additional stamp
in the of a shield which enclosed the initials “R G”.
Gold mounted frogs received a stamp with a bow and arrow.
The style of his early bows was clearly influenced by the Pfretzschner workshop.
His bows took on a much more personal appearance over time
as the work of French bow makers like A. Lamy and E. Sartory came to influence his ideas.
In 1975 Richard Grünke set up his own business in the workshop of the bow maker Fritz Müller,
who had died in 1974. As of this point in time,
he used his existing Richard Grünke stamp as well as now always using a coat of arms stamp
with a drawn bow and arrow on the frog.
In recognition of his work he was called on to participate
on the juries panel in international bow making competitions.
In 1996 he founded a new company with his two sons, Klaus and Thomas,
called “Richard Grünke & Söhne GmbH”, in which he still plays an active role..


  Klaus Grünke
  learned the craft of bow making from his father Richard Grünke,
  in Bubenreuth between 1975 and 1978.
  The period 1980 to 1982 was an important stimulus for his future career.
  During this time he worked for Hans Weisshaar in Los Angeles,
  focusing intensively both on restoration techniques
  and the study of older master bows. After returning to Bubenreuth
  he continued to work in his fathers workshop,
  using his own name on the bows.
In 1985 he took his master’s examination in bow making under the auspices of the HWK Nuremberg.
Since 1996 he has been co- owner of the family workshop
“Richard Grünke & Söhne GmbH in Langensendelbach.
He successfully participated in international competitions: among others, in 1980, in Hempstead, N.Y.,
he was awarded two gold medals and in 1983in Kassel, he received the overall silver medal.
Later on he has been called to serve on the jury
of numerous bow making competitions all over the world. In addition to bow making,
Klaus Grünke has devoted himself to the study of various theoretical aspects of his field.
He has written a number of articles in both trade magazines and books,
sharing the results of his research.
In the year 2000 he wrote and published together with his colleagues
C. Hans Karl Schmidt and Wolfgang Zunterer the encyclopaedia “German Bow Makers”.
link He also plays an active and leading role in the IPCI,
International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative,
which was founded by bow makers from all over the world in Paris 2001.
The major aim of the initiative is the conservation and the introduction of
sustainable use for the scarce but for bow making inevitable Pernambuco tree. or
His violin and viola bows are primarily made following the models of Dominique Peccatte,
Francois Xavier Tourte and Nikolaus Kittel.
The cello bows are made in the style of Francois Nicolas Voirin,
although he also uses the Nicolas Maire, Nikolaus Kittel and Francois Xavier Tourte models.
His bows are usually stamped KLAUS GRÜNKE. He also offers detailed copies of old master bows,
these bows have a small K.G. stamped on the seating for the frog.
In his quest to improve the playing quality of his bows
he has developed a special working relationship with violinist Vadim Repin
and the cellists David Geringas and Mischa Maisky.


  Thomas Grünke
  did his apprenticeship as a bow maker
  in Bubenreuth with his father, Richard Grünke,
  from 1978 to 1981. He continued to work in his fathers workshop trough 1995.
  Since January 1996 he has been a partner in the business
  “Richard Grünke & Söhne GmbH”
  in Langensendelbach along with his father and his brother Klaus.
  Thomas Grünke completed his masters exanimation under auspices
  of the HWK Nuremberg in 1987.
  Thomas Grünke has developed a number of different dimensions in his work;
besides normal repair work he has devoted himself to the complicated restoration
of valuable older bows as well as the making of new bows.
The detailed experience he has gained in restoration work has had a great Influence on his new making.
His violin, viola and cello bows show the general influence of maker like D. Peccatte,
F.N. Voirin and E. Sartory. Some of his bows base on the model of J.R. Lafleur.
His bows are usually stamped THOMAS GRÜNKE.


배송업체: 한진택배
배송마감: 월 ~ 금 오후 3시 , 토요일 오전 12시 마감
배 송 비: 10만원 미만 3000원, 10만원 이상 구매시 무료 배송
  (예외지역 제주도 +3,000원, 기타 도서지역 도선료 +5,000원 추가됩니다.)
배송기간: 결제일로부터 1~3일이며 <일요일, 공휴일>은 배송기간에서 제외됩니다.
  (제주도, 기타 도서지역은 추가 배송기간이 소요될 수 있습니다.)
HANSUNG STRING은 30여년의 전통있는 전문업체로서, 소비자분들께 차별화된
높은수준의 서비스를 제공함을 영업방침으로 삼고있으나, 사이버거래의 특성상
문제를 야기할 수 있는 부분에 대해 명시를 하여 판매자와 구매자 상호간의
권리를 보호하고 건전한 상거래를 갖도록 하기위해 아래와 같이 안내합니다.

1. 제품불량이나 배송실수로 인해 문제가 발생할 경우 주문과 동일색상/동일모델의
제품에 한하여 HANSUNG STRING 에서 책임을 지며, 소요되는 배송비용은

2. 제품하자나 배송실수외 구매자의 변심으로 제품교환을 원하실 경우 배송비는
구매자가 부담하셔야 하며, 이름. 연락처. 교환내용등을 메모하셔서
왕복운송비(6,000원)를 제품과 함께 동봉한 후 한진택배(1588-0011)를 이용해
최대한 신속히 반송(착불)해 주셔야 합니다.

1.~2. 모두 전화로 먼저 접수를 하셔야하며, 제품수령후 24시간이내 신속하게 처리함을 원칙으로 합니다만, 아래와 같은 소비자의 과실인 경우에는 교환 및 환불이 불가함을
양지해주시기 바랍니다.

* 제품포장이나 제품가치가 훼손되었을 경우와 사용한 제품.
* 제품포장이나 제품가치가 훼손되지 않았더라도 제품수취후 7일이 경과한 제품.
* 제품의 특성상 별도의 교환/환불 불가 안내가 표기된 제품.
* 교본이나 음반, 그외 복제의 우려가 있는 제품.
* 고객님의 요청에 따라 주문 제작된 상품.

3. 여러제품을 구매후 구매자의 변심으로 일부제품을 교환 또는 환불받기위해
반송할 경우 먼저 전화상담을 부탁드리며, 배송비는 구매자가 부담하셔야 합니다.

* 현금결제 반송제품(10만원 미만) : 반송 제품가격 전액환불
* 현금결제 반송제품(10만원 이상) : (10만원이상 무료배송에 따른)배송비용 제외
* 카드결제 반송제품(10만원 미만) : 카드결제 취소 진행
* 카드결제 반송제품(10만원 이상) : (무료배송에 따른)배송비용 안내후 결제취소

4. 카드결제된 주문제품의 환불에 따른 결제취소가 불가능 할 경우
(카드결제 취소기간 경과)는 부득이하게 제품금액의 7%를 차감한 현금으로 지불합니다.
(차감이유 : 카드수수료, 매출자료에 따른 부가세, 기타 최소한의 영업손실비용)

5. 고의적인 제품 훼손후 반품이나 (제품개봉시 칼이나 가위로 인한 훼손포함)
기타 여러 악의적인 상황으로 판단될 경우 금전적인 불이익을 받을 수 있으니
제품을 조심스럽게 다뤄주시기 바라며, 신중한 구매를 부탁드립니다.
Richard-Grunke-Silver Violin Bow

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